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The lab notebook is a place to document laboratory events, musings, trials, and tribulations. This may also be known as Andy's nerd blog.

ESS AED Info Page2023-06-27

The Department of Earth and Space Sciences maintains four AEDs. Three are in Johnson Hall and one

Graphite Reduction of Sulfate2022-10-22
Denitrifier Pseudomonas aureofaciens care2022-02-01

It is constantly a guessing game. Here were my best bets from over 18 attempts. (all conclusion

A critique of Standard Operating Procedures2021-11-11SOP stands for Standard Operating Procedure. A standard, in this case, is often perceived as a rule
Picarro L2130i autosampler bending syringe2021-08-23Abel, our Picarro L2130-i water isotope analyzer (inherited from UW Oceanography), has always finish
Sulfate Oxygen Standards - 20092021-05-24In 2009 Helen Amos created our first round of sulfate oxygen isotope standards, named sulf-α, sulf-β
Acid pre-analysis treatment: methods and effects2021-04-29Researchers interested in the organic carbon fraction of bulk samples typically must remove carbonat
Article in Nature with Badgeley and Steig2020-09-30

Graduate student Jessica Badgeley and PI Eric Steig in a paper lead by JP Briner report on Rapid

IsoBank2019-11-08IsoBank will likely be the canonical repository for all stable isotope data. It is currently near th
Peter Neff interviewed by King 5 News2018-09-30

Peter Neff was interviewed by King 5 news regarding ice core science at UW and in IsoLab. Nice wo

3rd annual Future Student Visit Day2018-09-07

IsoLab participated in the 3rd annual College of the Environment Future Student Visit Day at The

Proxy Data Undergraduate Research: Joshua Anderson2018-08-10

Working in the IsoLab as a lab tech has served as the perfect experience to pair with my Earth an

IsoLab undergraduate lab experience2018-07-14

IsoLab employs undergraduate students interested in gaining laboratory and research experiences.

Crowd Funding Research: Maria Zatko2018-04-19

Want to crowdfund your science? New study hints at who is successful. Atmospheric scient

Article in Nature by Becky Alexander2017-05-18Isotopic evidence of multiple controls on atmospheric oxidants over climate transitions. The abundan
Article in Nature by Eric Steig2016-08-07

Climate science: Cooling in the Antarctic. The Antarctic Peninsula has been warming for many deca

Article in Nature with Stüeken, Buick, Koehler2015-02-16Eva Stüeken, Roger Buick, Bradley Guy, and Matt Koehler show evidence for biological nitrogen fixati
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