Δ*IsoLab is the shared facility of professors Eric Steig, Roger Buick, Becky Alexander and Kate Huntington, managed by Andrew Schauer. Together, we use light stable isotopes to study the geosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, and cryosphere.

Support for Δ*IsoLab is almost exclusively from research grants (NSF, NASA), though we have garnered some temporary partial support from the College of the Environment and our departments (Earth and Space Sciences and Atmospheric Sciences). Lab member research takes priority, and we are unable to do “contract” work (i.e., analyze samples without taking part in the analytical planning and data interpretation). Although it can be costly, we have a long tradition of helping other researchers from across the campus and beyond, and we are willing to consider collaborative projects. If you are interested in working with us, please read our Sample Analysis Policy.

About our logo: The Δ and * in our logo represent the things we love (mountains and snow), the things we study (glaciology, astrobiology, geology, and atmospheric chemistry) and the tools we use to study them -- isotopes, conventionally expressed in "delta" notation, where the asterisk can represent any of various numbers (e.g., Δ17O, δ13C). (By the way, it's "IsoLab", not "The IsoLab".)