Virtual Tours

UW IsoLab Virtual Tour Spring 2021 - Created by Kena Fox-Dobbs, for GEO324 (Biogeochemical approaches to environmental science), Geology Department, University of Puget Sound. youtube icon

Learn about IsoLab and Becky Alexander's lab through the lens of our 2020 Greenland Sulfate project. youtube icon

General Tours

We routinely provide tours of our facility to visiting individuals or groups.

High School In-depth Tour

Students spend time with a Principal Investigator (PI) learning about their area of expertise. These tours typically involve a short presentation outlining the scientific background, how data are obtained and how they can be used to help the PI answer salient questions. A tour of the laboratory facility follows paying particular attention to instrumentation used by the PI and their students.

College Student In-depth Tour

While course instructors may seek out a certain area of interest, these tours are typically more board and tend to cover the breadth of IsoLab research. These tend to be exclusively inside the facility and time is spent on each analytical technique that can be performed and how data obtained from it are applied.