We encourage you to read our Sample Analysis Policy to ensure you qualify to have your samples analyzed in IsoLab.

The below rates are per analysis, not per sample. Some methods require replication of a single sample before data become usable. Sometimes data are not particularly useful to a researcher because they don’t show an anticipated pattern or, perhaps, don’t even contain the analyte of interest. Assuming the analysis proceeded without failure, researchers are still responsible for the cost even if the data are not what they expected or are marginally useful to their question.

The sample analysis cost reflects the actual cost for a single analysis. It includes all materials and labor for that one single analysis. It inherently assumes that the instrument used and person employed are tools and can be turned off and placed on a shelf when the analysis is complete. This, of course, is certainly not the case for a person. As such, the analysis cost may not cover the true cost of employing a person. Academic labs typically have a subsidy that covers the cost of keeping technicians employed when they are not analyzing samples. Furthermore, our sample cost schedule must be a good faith estimate of the costs associated with a single analysis, as per the University of Washington. We must assume that the instrument has only nominal dormancy, otherwise sample costs could be radically inflated if, for example, only a single analysis of a particular method was completed in a single year. Commercial labs simply charge more per analysis to cover the instrument dormancy.

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Natural abundance samples only. No labeled material. No exceptions.

Analysis or PreparationMethodUW Budget
Number 1, 2
Water - δD and δ18O Picarro CRDS $20
Solid Sample - δ13C and δ15N elemental analysis, continuous flow $20
Carbonate - δ13C and δ18O Kiel carbonate device, dual inlet $20
Solid Sample - δ34S elemental analysis, continuous flow $70
Nitrous Oxide - δ15N, δ18O, Δ17O Head-space vials, N2O, continuous flow $70
Water - δD, δ18O, δ17O Picarro CRDS $70
Carbon Dioxide - Δ47 Clumped isotope, high precision dual inlet $120
Oxygen - Δ17O High precision dual inlet $120
Nitrate and / or Sulfate - Δ17O Silver salt pyrolysis $240
General Lab Preparation ** freeze drying, weighing, grinding $20
Bacterial denitrification Bacterial denitrification of nitrate to N2O $120
Carbonate Digestion to CO2 Phosphoric acid digestion, CO2 purification $120
Water Fluorination to O2 Fluorination $120
CO2 O2 Equilibration CO2 O2 Equilibration over hot platinum $120
Silver salt preparation Ion chromatography, silver salt precipitation $240

Rates are current as of 2022-05-03.