Sample Analysis Policy

IsoLab’s focus is on our own internal projects. We recognize that we have been a valuable resource for our colleagues at the University of Washington and beyond. Unfortunately, without a permanent and stable non-grant subsidy, we cannot act as an “open” laboratory. Researchers interested in working with us will need to discuss their ideas with IsoLab PIs, and to garner appropriate funding to support and collaborate with IsoLab. Samples analyzed in IsoLab fall into one of four categories:

  1. IsoLab Principal Investigator led research – Presently Eric Steig, Roger Buick, Becky Alexander, Kate Huntington. An IsoLab PI is one who is directly involved in steering the lab and consistently provides financial support for the lab.

  2. Participating Researchers – These are principal investigators with funded research that includes direct, line-item, support for IsoLab personnel and infrastructure. This must be approved by IsoLab PIs, via a letter of support, prior to proposal submission.

  3. Collaborative Researchers – These are principal investigators whose research question aligns with an IsoLab PI and includes that PI in study design, continuing through to publication, amid sharing ideas and tasks. While participants should be flexible and allow the relationship to be worked out on a case-by-case basis, collaboration is not simply sample analysis and gratuitous authorship. Currently all methods are booked 6 to 12 months in advance. Priority is given to existing collaborations within the College of the Environment and is subject to capacity.

  4. Exploratory Research – These are sample analyses comprising a small dataset used to prove a concept that will aid in securing funding to help answer a question. If exploratory samples lead to funding and IsoLab expertise is desired for such a project, approval from IsoLab PIs is required to move into the collaborative or participating researcher model.

Participating or Collaborative Researcher categories above will likely involve numerous samples that require long periods of time to generate a complete and final dataset. As such, we invite students, postdocs and researchers to come perform their own analyses. If this arrangement is not possible, the Participating or Collaborative Researcher will need to work with an IsoLab PI to identify an appropriate person to conduct the analyses and produce a dataset. The analysis costs vary by the analyst providing the labor. We reserve the right to charge the “lab-provided-labor” rate if a visitor / project requires more time than is typical.

Last updated: 2023-09-28 19:52:01