Dual-Inlet O2 Isotope Analysis



Quick Start

  1. make sure previous run is finished
  2. before removing manifold, close all octopus / squid valves and valves 11, 13, 40. but also make sure valves 14, 16, 26, 24 are closed
  3. close manual valve on manifold
  4. remove manifold
  5. attach next manifold (MAKE SURE MANIFOLDS NEVER ARE INVERTED)
  6. open valves 11, 13, and 39 and make sure vacuum reaches X e-3
  7. open manual valve on new manifold after vacuum is low
  8. copy "ColdFingerPressures.csv" (c:\lorax\coldfingerpressures.csv) to server (s:\data\projects\water_17O_irms\coldfingerpressures\)
  9. rename on server so that it has the same prefix name as dual-inlet results file (desktop shortcut to dual-inlet results)
  10. rename the dual-inlet results file to remove the (17O_Water) and then copy to server (s:\data\projects\water_17O_irms\raw\)
  11. close previous run window
  12. enter new sample id info into Identifier1 column
  13. daily log
    1. backgrounds for column AD (cup 1) 28.0 mV, in lower left corner of window, select N2_c3_low, then after the instrument changes, read signal from 28.0
    2. switch back to O2_high when done
  14. click start in acquisition, then change water name accordingly
  15. click ok

Exhaustive Protocol

Last updated: 2020-08-28 12:16:10