Chemical Waste Disposal

Waste Disposal

Properly disposing of waste is critical. Follow these simple steps to make sure you are safely dealing with any chemicals you may have used. A variety of containers to choose from are located under the sink on the west wall of 303B.

  1. Put the chemicals in a secure container.
  2. Complete the EH&S condoned Chemical Waste Label.
  3. While filling out this label, the chemical name must be written out for every chemical in the container (e.g. write 'hydrochloric acid', not 'HCl')
  4. Include the percentages of how much of each chemical it contains. The total must add up to 100 %.
  5. Adhere the the label to the container.
  6. Place the waste in the grey bin on the counter in 303B near the door to the hallway.
  7. When enough waste has accumulated, a request must be submitted for pickup.

You can read more about chemical waste disposal on the EH&S website.


I have read and understood the present SOP and, before starting work outlined in the present SOP, I will complete all required training.

Last updated: 2021-04-22 12:31:56