All of our methods, or process Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are shown below. Here is a complete list of all SOPs (process and chemical).

Carbonate Clumped Isotope Preparation625
Carbonate Bulk Isotope Analysis451
Nitrate Isotope Analysis400
Liquid Nitrogen376
Solid CN Isotope Analysis372
Carbonate Clumped Isotope Analysis327
Rock preparation298
Nitrate Sample Preparation284
Solid Sulfur Isotope Analysis282
Freeze Dryer275
Muffle Furnace258
CRDS Water Isotope Analysis - δD δ18O253
Cleaning Laboratory Glassware226
Ion Chromatography221
Silver Salt Analysis205
Percent Carbonate197
Chromium Reduction194
CRDS Water Isotope Analysis - δD δ17O δ18O 189
Nitrate Preconcentration188
Making Phosphoric Acid187
Kerogen Extraction178
Sequential Iron Extraction174
Silver Salt Preparation173
Water Fluorination and Preparation for IRMS Analysis161
Dual-Inlet O2 Isotope Analysis158
Inca Bandsaw155
Sharps and Glass133
CO2 Injections131
Chemical Waste Disposal123
CN-S Configuration Switching120
Carbonate 17O69