Taylor Dome: Stable Isotope and Timescales

Back to Data List Please cite these data correctly! Primary references are given below and with the data files. All files are tab-delimited and should open easily in Microsoft Excel and similar programs. Please contact Eric Steig at steig@ess.washington.edu if there are any questions.

Two different timescales are available and are provided along with the oxygen isotope data: st9507 for the low-resolution data, st9810 for the high-resolution data. The st9810 timescale is the more recent and accurate and, in general, should be used in preference to st9507. Note that ages are in ka, nominally referenced to 1950.00 A.D. = 0 ka.

Deuterium data at 1/2 meter and 20 cm resolution are available for the 0 ka to 20 ka interval. Delta D data are at lower resolution than the delta 18O data during the Holocene but at higher resolution for the 10 - 20 ka interval. The st9810 timescale is provided with these data.

There are two oxygen isotope data sets available, one at 0.5 to 1 meter resolution, the other at 0.2 meter resolution.

NEW! Deuterium excess data for the Holocene are also available: click here.