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  • Rare nautilus sighted for the first time in three decades

    Allonautilus scrobiculatus off the coast of Ndrova Island in Papua New Guinea. Peter Ward
    Allonautilus scrobiculatus. Photo Credit: Peter Ward

    UW professor Peter Ward recently returned from Papua New Guinea with footage of a rare species of nautilus, the first sighting in three decades. Dr. Ward, who holds appointments in the Department of Biology and the Department of Earth and Space Sciences, was more than happy to share photos of this scarce species, which is part of a lineage of “living fossils.”

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  • Ward - Causes of the Late Devonian Mass extinctions

    Principal Investigator - Peter Ward

    Graduate Student - Kelly Hillbun

    Multidisciplinary chronostratigraphy project on middle to late Devonian reef complexes in the Canning Basin of northwestern Australia

    The high-resolution chronostratigraphic framework for the Devonian of the Canning Basin currently combines lithostratigraphy, magnetostratigraphy, coral and conodont biostratigraphy, trace element chemostratigraphy, U-Pb chronostratigraphy, and biomarker research, all of which will be incorporated into our paleontological and stable isotope (δ13C and δ18O) study on Givetian - Famennian reef systems. Our project aims to correlate the Canning strata with coeval strata elsewhere in the world, document environmental and faunal changes across two mass extinction boundaries, and compare the observed faunal changes with observable perturbation in the carbon cycle as tracked by carbon isotopes.

  • Ward - Determining Late Cretaceous paleotemperatures in the high Southern Latitudes

    Principal Investigator - Peter Ward

    Graduate Student - Tom Tobin

    This project aims to study the causes and impacts of the K-Pg mass extinction at high southern latitudes, using stable isotopes in biologic carbonate to determine a high resolution temperature record leading up to and across the mass extinction boundary.

  • Ward - Determining the mode of life of ammonites from light stable isotopes

    Principal Investigator - Peter Ward

    Graduate Student - Shane Schoepfer

  • Ward - Permian Triassic extinction in the paleo Pacific Ocean

    Principal Investigator - Peter Ward

    Graduate Student - Shane Schoepfer

    Greenhouse Extinction Events in the Panthalassic Ocean