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Statistics: The main Taylor Dome core was drilled at latitude 7747'47'' S, longitude 15843'26'' E, elevation 2365 m in January 1994. Mean annual surface temperature at the site is -43C. Snow accumulation rate is 5 - 7 g cm-2a-1. Total depth at the drill site is 554 meters; basal temperature = -22C. Average depth of ice in the general vicinity ~800 m. Please cite Morse et al., 1999, for these statistics.
[Morse DL, Waddington ED, Marshall HP, Neumann TA, Steig EJ, Dibb JE, Winebrenner DP, Arthern RJ. 1999. Accumulation rate measurements at Taylor Dome, East Antarctica: Techniques and Strategies for mass balance measurements in polar environments. Geografiska Annaler (in press)].

Figure (right) shows location of Taylor Dome.
[After Morse DL, Waddington ED & Steig EJ. Ice age storm trajectories inferred from radar stratigraphy at Taylor Dome, Antarctica. Geophysical Research Letters 25: 3383-3386 (1998).]