Standard Operating Procedures

Carbonate Clumped Isotope Preparation925
Carbonate Bulk Isotope Analysis640
Nitrate Isotope Analysis616
Solid Sulfur Isotope Analysis564
Solid CN Isotope Analysis541
Carbonate Clumped Isotope Analysis524
CRDS Water Isotope Analysis - δD δ18O503
Freeze Dryer494
Liquid Nitrogen492
Nitrate Sample Preparation483
Muffle Furnace475
Cleaning Laboratory Glassware454
Rock preparation450
Percent Carbonate322
Ion Chromatography311
Nitrate Preconcentration300
Making Phosphoric Acid296
Silver Salt Analysis294
Chromium Reduction286
Kerogen Extraction269
CRDS Water Isotope Analysis - δD δ17O δ18O 265
Silver Salt Preparation262
Sequential Iron Extraction247
Water Fluorination and Preparation for IRMS Analysis245
Inca Bandsaw237
Dual-Inlet O2 Isotope Analysis210
Sharps and Glass196
CO2 Injections187
Chemical Waste Disposal174
CN-S Configuration Switching172
Carbonate 17O155