Eric Steig


Principal Investigator - Eric Steig

Graduate Student - Peter Neff

Mt. Waddington - Combatant Col Ice core Project

NSF Awards:

  • 0902240 - Eric J. Steig, Univ. of Washington
  • 0902392 - Douglas H. Clark, Western Washington Univ.
  • 0902734 - Joseph R. McConnell, Desert Research Institute
  • 0903124 - Erin C. Pettit, University of Alaska Fairbanks

AGU Poster: AGU_2011 - Neff et al. - Alpine ice core snow accumulation and chemistry

The Mt. Waddington - Combatant Col Ice Core Project is funded by the National Science Foundation and led by graduate student Peter Neff and Professor Eric J. Steig at the University of Washington. The project is planned as a tool for investigation of climate in the North Pacific, which sees much natural variability associated with ocean and atmospheric phenomena such as the Pacific Decadal Oscillation and El NiƱo.

Mt. Waddington - Ice Core
Mt. Waddington - Ice Core

In the summer of 2010, Peter Neff and Eric Steig led a 30-day field campaign at Combatant Col and successfully retrieved a 140m long ice core. Collaborators at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks assisted in measuring ice flow parameters at the site, and led radar investigations of ice thickness and other aspects of the glacier. The National Ice Core Laboratory (NSF/U.S. Geological Survey/Univ. of New Hampshire) provided for use of its facilities and staff in sample preparation and high-resolution photography of the ice core. Continuous analysis has been conducted throughout the length of the core at Joe McConnell's ultra-trace chemistry laboratory at the Desert Research Institute. Water stable isotope analysis is ongoing at the University of Washington.

Early results show unambiguous preservation of annual stratigraphy that will allow for construction of a high-quality record of net snow accumulation and other snow and ice parameters influenced by regional climate.