IsoLab is a consolidated unit of an instrumentation laboratory, a sample preparation laboratory, an in-lab ice core processing / sample storage freezer laboratory, a kerogen extraction laboratory, repair / storage laboratory, in-lab office space, and, two outdoor redundantly cooled storage freezers. We regularly, and graciously, use Quaternary Research Center storage freezer space and library conference room.


Instrumentation Lab

Instrumentation Laboratory

The instrumentation laboratory is 890 sq ft and currently has five isotope ratio mass spectrometers and three cavity-ring-down spectroscopy lasers devoted to the isotopic analyses of hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and sulfur. Each instrument is computer controlled with Windows based software. Two additional computers are available for data reduction. All laboratory data, raw and processed, are automatically daily backed up in two distinct locations. This lab also has a chemical fume hood and compressed gas cylinder rack.




Sample Prep

Sample Preparation Laboratory

The sample preparation laboratory is 780 sq ft and has a carbonate digestion / CO2 purification vacuum line, a glass mulipurpose vacuum line, a water fluorination vacuum line, an in-tube combustion vacuum line, two microbalances, three coarse balances, three drying ovens, one muffle furnace, a freeze dryer, a refrigerator, two fume hoods, a reciprical shaker, and flexible lab bench space.



Ice-Core Processing Freezer

The in-lab ice core processing / short-term sample storage freezer is 140 sq ft and is held at -8°C. Samples stored in this freezer are in the process of being analyzed. This cold room has bench space and an Inca band saw for modest ice core processing for water isotope analysis. Ice-core processing is not offered as a service.

Kerogen Extraction Laboratory

The kerogen extraction laboratory is 160 sq ft and has a corrosive resistant fume hood, a Sorvall Evolution superspeed centrifuge, sink with tap water and DI water, and an eye-wash station. Kerogen extraction is not offered as a service.

Repair / Storage Laboratory

The repair / storage laboratory is 220 sq ft and has a constant volume fume hood, storage cabinets, tools, and a work bench.

Outdoor freezers

The two outdoor redundantly cooled storage freezers are 300 sq ft each and are held at -35 °C. One of these freezers has a small isolatable front room for sample processing.



The office is 150 sq ft and has a mini fridge, microwave, espresso machine and conference table.






IsoLab is a facility specializing in the analysis of light stable isotopes. Our focus has been to use the stable isotopes of hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and sulfur to help elucidate paleo and modern-day environments.

IsoLab - UW Campus Location

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Johnson Hall Room 302 - 303
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IsoLab - Global Location

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