SPIceCore Drilling is now complete with a final depth of 1,751.11 meters.

The drill gave us one final fight Friday as we again experienced problems with the control system. Thanks to our electrical engineer, Zach, we were able to get back running so we could end the season on our own terms, reaching our goal. (Actually, our goal shifted -- our original goal was 1500 m! We're 251 m and about 15000 years past our goal. A very successful season. Huge thanks to T.J. Fudge for getting this so far along last season, which allowed us to be so efficient this year).

We are now finishing the final bailing of chips out of the borehole to allow for logging next year.

Packing has begun in earnest, and we are all scheduled to depart Pole on Friday (Thurs for you). We ought to be in the U.S. by the 5th of Feb.

Emma cleaning the last core Eric pushing out the last core The last core Last meter being packed